Mother’s Day Message


10462920_764086217039605_2976861081610254323_nNeighbor Love is the service project ministry of       E CUBED International. Our vision statement is as
follows: “Encourage people in order to Enrich their
physical and spiritual lives and Empower them to do the same thing for someone else.”

Something happened with our program that sums up beautifully why we do what we do.
During our Mother’s Day event in 2015, we expanded for the first time to four homes in Danville, IL.

A young boy, about 11-12 years old came with his mom to our event at North Logan Health Center. When he first started he was pretty nervous as he’d never done anything like this before. He jumped right in and assembled the gift bags and then walked around the home, passing out gift bags. By the end, he was crying, because he was so touched by what he had experienced. We are SO thankful his mom set a good example and joined him in the service.

A few weeks after Mother’s Day, we received a call from a woman who said that
her mother had received a Mother’s Day gift from a very nice young boy on
Mother’s day weekend and that she was very touched by his generosity and
kindess. What older woman doesn’t love to get a visit from a young boy?!?!?

The woman said that all but about $30 per month of her mom’s money each month
goes to the nursing home for her care. She spends the leftover funds on the
newspaper, getting her hair done and miscellaneous, each month. Some times she doesn't spend all her monthly money.

She went on to say that her mother was so touched by what she’d received that
she wanted to make a contribution to Neighbor Love in the amount of $50, almost TWICE what she gets to keep on a monthly basis! This was a BEAUTIFUL example of a widow giving her mite. Seniors are the LAST people we expect to make financial contributions to our organization.

However, this woman’s kindness towards others is the ultimate example of what E CUBED International is ALL about:

- She was ENCOURAGED by receiving her gift on Mother’s Day 2015.

- She was ENRICHED and better off for receiving the gift.

- She was EMPOWERED to do the same thing for someone else by making the contribution to our ministry.

Besides, you never know when the little amount of kindness that is shown to
these residents by Neighbor Love could give them just enough hope and
inspiration to extend their days longer than if Neighbor Love had not crossed their

Anyone who volunteers or donates to Adopt-a-Senior can DIRECTLY participate
with an organization that is accomplishing its vision of ENCOURAGING, ENRICHING
and EMPOWERING nursing home residents in their community. You can do so by visiting: