WHERE:               Sharon Health Care Elms, 3611 N. Rochelle, Peoria, IL 61604


We provide a gift bag to the residents of the nursing home filled with:  a hand-made Christmas card, a piece of fruit, a stuffed animal or toy/game book, lip balm, a pair of socks and a poinsettia. We are serving desserts and drinks to the residents.  


To spread the love of Christ to a large amount of forgotten senior citizens who never have any visitors throughout the year.


We promote the event to the community to obtain sponsors and volunteers for the events.



Sharon Health Care Elms currently has approximately 80 residents.

We recruit volunteers and sponsors to accomplish the following:


Sponsors can donate merchandise or money.  ($20 per gift bag is suggested, or whatever anyone can donate) We capture sponsorships through our web site via Paypal at www.adoptasenior.net

VOLUNTEERS:  (ALL VOLUNTEERS under 16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or chaperone)

Volunteers will donate their time to accomplish the following:

  • Assembly of the gift bags at the nursing home.
  • Deliver the gift bags around the home.


If a volunteer is under 18 AND attending without a parent/guardian, ALL paper work MUST be completed by their parent/guardian in advance online or brought to the event.                  


ALL volunteers, regardless of age, must complete our ONLINE acceptance of responsibility form.


If you are a school who will be bringing students, under the age of 18 to volunteer at our events or if students are coming on their own, we need to have the permission of the guardian/parents of the children under 18 to be able to take their picture.  We use photography for promotional purposes for future events. CLICK HERE to complete the ONLINE photograph permission form.  If you’d rather not complete it online CLICK HERE to download the permission form.  Please have the parent or guardian complete the form for EACH PARTICIPATING CHILD online or have the student or chaperone bring it with them to the event.


If you are bringing a group of UNRELATED children, UNDER 16, to our event, please be advised of our chaperon policy:      

MINIMUM AGE of volunteer is 7 years old, except babies are welcomed.

ALL VOLUNTEERS under 16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or chaperone.  Non-parent chaperones MUST accompany UNRELATED children as follows:  

Ages 7-10, 1 chaperone per 3 children;

Ages 11-13, 1 chaperone per 5 children;

Ages 14-15, 1 chaperone per 7 children.

EACH chaperone MUST RSVP at www.adoptasenior.net AHEAD of our event and indicate how many children they are bringing.  Registration will open 4-5 weeks ahead of the event.


  • Recruiting your employees/members/students/parents to participate in the event as volunteers and/or sponsors.
  • CLICK HERE to download a Christmas flyer for promotional purposes

  • If you would like a customized flyer, please email: info@neighborlove.org or call 309-270-3170.
  • A financial contribution of ANY amount from your church/business/school/organization.
  • School children (Middle School-HS age) are welcomed to hand-decorate Christmas cards & gift bags. We need the following:



Bags & Cards


80 each

We ask that ANY school that would like to help with decorating of cards and bags, please register their participation by CLICKING HERE.  Someone will contact you once you have registered to confirm your participation.

We provide the blank bags to any school that will be decorating bags early in Nov. for Christmas.

CLICK HERE to download instructions for decorating cards & bags for Christmas.

Donation of merchandise such as:            

  • Lip Balm
  • Stuffed Animals - LARGE print puzzle books
  • Socks – Reg. Athletic socks, Reg. Women Socks & XL Athletic socks (white or grey)
    • This can be done in the form of a drive where your employees/members/students would bring in these items to a central collection point to be picked up by Neighbor Love on Wed., Dec 13th for Christmas.
    • If you will do a merchandise DRIVE you can CLICK HERE to download the DROP BOX signage for Christmas.




Reg.  Athletic/Female Socks

XL Socks

Lip Balm

Stuffed Animals

LARGE Print Puzzle Books







  • PLEASE complete our ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM to let us know how you plan to participate in our events. For more information contact:

TOM SARGEANT, 404-919-9165

Thank you VERY MUCH for your consideration of this proposal.